mercoledì 20 ottobre 2021

Sing While You May mixtape - The spectacular sound of Shibuya Kei



During the early 90s a particular musical genre emerged from Shibuya, a very very musical district of Tokyo. Called Shibuya Kei, the genre in question fused lounge sounds,Electronics, Brit Pop beats, film music with a very jaunty attitude that winked at the pop culture of the 60s.

With this Mixtape I wanted to remember that particular historical moment and that kind of sound that are now almost  forgotten.

01  Flipper's Guitar - Going zero
02  Fantastic Plastic Machine - Black dada
03  Zoobombs - Jumbo
04  Chocolat - Voiced
05  Cibo Matto - About a girl
06  Qypthone - The happiest street in the world   
07  Capsule - Udagawafurade 
08  Pizzicato Five - A new song
09  Audio Active - Basspace
10  Cornelius - Drop
11  Cymbals - My brave face
12  Nomoto Karia - mon chat noir est Taquin il garde le secrets
13  Minawo - Hajimari no hi
14 Takano Minekawa - 666666
15  Meg - Groove tube
16  Paris Match - Pardon
17  Plus Tech Squeee Box - White drops
18  Citrus - Tuesday sunday lazy jazz


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